Our Founders

Josh Pletscher

His Drive: "I believe we find a higher purpose, when we help others. Animals do that naturally, but I don't feel like we do that as a society well."

His Expertise: Coming up with great ideas, making them happen, and seeing them through with passion and excitement - from start to finish.

His inspiration: His best friend Jaxon. Jaxon rescued Josh in 2015. 

Fun Fact: Josh is an avid real estate investor. From fix-and-flip to long-term rental properties, Josh doesn’t just see a “For Sale” sign – he sees opportunity to make someone’s dream home.

Siera Smith

Her Drive: Making life better - for everyone. 

Her Expertise: Putting others in the position to succeed and leading them down the right path. 

Her Inspiration: D’Arce, her rescue - a mix between an Australian Cattle Dog and German Short Hair and her two rescued cats, Louie and Lucy.

Fun Fact: She was bit by the entrepreneurial bug young. She worked in her family’s businesses since she was 10, and partnered on a company of her own at 28.

Alison Beckmann

Her Drive: Helping those that can’t help themselves. 

Her Expertise: Making a bunch of chaos seem calm and organized. 

Her Inspiration: Daisy, her rescue Pitbull. 

Fun Fact: She volunteered in Kenyan orphanages for one month, which gave her the travel bug. Her dream destination is Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand.

Kyle Schachner

His Drive: Service is the highest expression of the human spirit - helping others and expecting nothing in return.

His Expertise: Making ordinary sound extraordinary and telling compelling stories.

His Inspiration: His girlfriend, who won't let him move unless it's to a place they can have their own rescue dog.

Fun Fact: He's made enough pizzas to stretch more than the length of a marathon.

Our Partners

Street Tails

Street Tails Animal Rescue (STAR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless, unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats in the Philadelphia area. Its goal is to pull local animals out of shelters and find them loving, forever homes.

STAR began in 2001 as a one woman effort to literally save one dog at a time. Initially operating out of her pet store, The Chic Petique, founder Lindsay Condefer spent years pulling and adopting out one dog at a time. In 2010, with the help of friends and supporters, her dream to help even more dogs and cats in need became a reality: She opened a separate location dedicated solely to helping abandoned, homeless, and shelter-ridden dogs and cats.

Since then, the number of animals STAR has helped find loving homes has grown exponentially, with a placement rating of 98%.

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Kitty Cottage

Kitty Cottage Adoption Center, Inc. is a no-kill shelter for rescued and surrendered cats and kittens in the Greater Philadelphia area. Its mission is to facilitate adoptions by housing the cats in a cage-free, home-like shelter where adopters and cats can interact in a natural state.

Kitty Cottage also cares deeply about education. It counsels owners on cat behaviors and behavioral problems to increase the likelihood that owners will provide a lifetime of care. It also emphasizes the importance of spaying and neutering, and assists people with trap/neuter/return activities for feral cats to minimize the amount of unwanted kittens born in the community.

Kitty Cottage has found new homes for 3,000+ cats since its shelter opened in February 2002. There are about 20 to 40 cats in the shelter at any time, and accepts new cats as room permits.

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